As part of the YEE (Youth and Environmental Europe) project “Youth Digital Communic[ACTION]” and “Strengthening the European Youth Climate Movement: Showcasing and Supporting the Unheard” 4 videos on successful digital campaigns were created. 7 Arte translated these 4 videos in Albanian, and subtitles were added with Adobe Premiere Pro 2022, from June until August by.

The list of videos:

How to create a successful digital campaign 1; Si të bëni një kampanjë të suksesshme mjedisore dixhitale I – YouTube

How to create a successful digital campaign 2; Si të bëjmë një kampanjë të suksesshme mjedisore dixhitale II – YouTube

Lessons from chaotic cooking, an environmental campaign by YEE; Mësimet nga gatimi kaotik. Kampanjë mjedisore nga YEE – YouTube

Environmental campaign; Advice from the chaotic cooking team. – YouTube

How to create a successful digital campaign – Introduction to digital activism toolkit – a practical guide.

Click on the titles to watch the videos on YouTube.

Starting from the first one, these videos show how to address underlying issues through digital campaigns. This first video focuses on setting the goals of the campaign based on the SMART method. In the second video this example is used to lobby for the end of financing fossil fuels by the European Central Bank. The third video had another direction, it shows a campaign that is developing, and is focused on a society that breaks down the complexity of food systems, inspiring people to use recipes that are good for the environment. In the fourth video different tips are given about creating a successful campaign.

These videos have been shared on the youtube page of GreenFest and on the social media of 7Arte. Thus, the information and tips of these videos have reached the eye of the public of Kosovo with such data that is rarely found in the Albanian language.

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