Green Fest 13 presents: Imagine

This year’s theme of the festival is “Imagine”. Green Fest aims to encourage citizens to come together and work together to build a peaceful environment, a better and more sustainable city and world for all of us.

For several years now, Green Fest has been in sync with the objectives of sustainable development, more known as the SDGs, so this year’s theme is also in line with SDG 13, which addresses the need for action against climate change. Surely this topic reminds us to a well-known song “Imagine” by John Lennon whose lyrics are still relevant to humanity. However, this time we will imagine with no limits.

In the times we are going through, it’s hard not to connect with the realm we live in. Imagine a peaceful Mitrovica. Imagine all four rivers running through the city of Mitrovica with clean water. Imagine the mountains of Shala e Bajgora with tall, dense trees. Imagine urban streets with fewer cars, more bicycles and more green, public spaces. Imagine the industrial park of Trepça, turned into a green and livable oasis, open to citizens and tourists, providing spaces for the development of innovative ideas, new jobs and inclusiveness. Imagine fresh air, return of birds to these areas. Imagine the healthiest aquatic world and the safest animals in the wild. Imagine a peaceful community that values differences and similarities. Imagine a society that practices gender equality and more developed empathy. Imagine a readier and organized society to deal with floods, fires and other natural disasters. Imagine a society with sound health and well-being. Imagine abundant spaces to perform cultural, innovative and socializing programs. Imagine Mitrovica, a green city, an economically developed city, and why not the cultural capital of Europe. Imagine a Europe and a more peaceful and resilient world…

Each of you has a role in implementing this vision, each of you can contribute to any of the abovementioned visions. It’s just that you have to act, day by day. For us and those who will come.

Only by imagining and acting together we may build the future we want, a world that is in sync with nature and protected for future generations.

Welcome to

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of something special, an opportunity to make a difference. We hope to see you at Green Fest-XIII