Publication of the Booklet ‘Plastic Unpacked – Waste and Me!’ at Green Fest

Plastic waste is an inseparable part of daily life in Kosovo. The “decoration” of Kosovar cities is closely connected to it, to the extent that the plastic waste we have inside our homes is often donated to the streets of our cities and villages.

On one hand, it’s not that we haven’t seen how plastic is produced, where and by whom it is produced, how it affects our land and waters, our bodies, our food, and even the discussion of who is impacted more or less by it.

Nor is it the case that our municipalities are very diligent in their organization and their legal regulation, let alone distributing information about it. To shed some light on this, ‘Plastic Unpacked – Waste and Me’ reflects globally and interactively on answering these questions.

This booklet was presented by Granit Gashi, representative of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, and moderated by Lulzim Hoti.

The book ‘Plastic Unpacked – Waste and Me’ has been translated and adapted into the Albanian language by the Heinrich Böll Foundation – Office in Tirana.

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