7Arte at the Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) General Assembly in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic, August 8-9, 2023

The Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) network, the largest independent European network of environmental youth organizations, recently held its highly anticipated General Assembly in Prague, Czech Republic. 7Arte, as one of the member organizations participated on this event that took place on July 8-9, 2023, and which marked a momentous occasion as the network celebrated its 40th anniversary.
The General Assembly was a platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and perspectives on climate and environmental matters. The event featured presentations from new aspiring organizations applying to join the network and young activists seeking positions within the YEE board. The representatives of the member organizations of YEE gathered in person & online during those days to contribute in the voting, productive discussions, workshops and more. For 7Arte the delegate who participated in person was Marigona Rexha.

YEE consists of 42 member organizations from 25 countries. During the GA, an essential topic on the agenda was fostering even more collaborations between the member organizations and the YEE leadership team. This mutual commitment to cooperation is set to amplify the network’s impact on climate and environmental issues throughout the region.
In addition to the productive event, the participants joyously celebrated the 40th anniversary of YEE, reflecting on four decades of impactful environmental initiatives and the collective dedication of young people to protect our planet. YEE, being a member of the United Nations Environment (UNEP), European Environmental Bureau, European Youth Forum, and a co-founding member of the EU4Ocean Coalition, continues to play a vital role in shaping environmental policies and empowering the youth to take climate action.
With the success of this year’s General Assembly, YEE and its member organizations, like 7Arte through the Green Fest and other annual projects, are enthusiastic about the future and remain committed to working together towards a sustainable and greener world.

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